This is the official website of the Havasu Garden Estates Homeowners Association. This website serves as an information resource for those living in, and for those wishing to join us in Havasu Garden Estates.  We are in Lake Havasu City, Arizona located just two miles from the mall off of Interstate 95. Havasu Gardens is made up of 288 Homes and lots.

Amy Telnes Management Services will be handling all payments and correspondence for Havasu Garden Association. All payments and correspondence should be mailed to:

Havasu Garden Association
2563 N. Kiowa Blvd.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Amy and her staff will be available to all Owners to answer questions and help you with your property concerns and can be reached at the following phone numbers.

For any non-emergency matters call (928) 505-1120 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

For EMERGENCY matters call (928) 208-5366 (24/7)

To send Amy a fax dial: 928-505-8087

We have dues for being a part of our HOA.
Dues are billed either quarterly or yearly.

  • Quarterly dues are $70.00
  • Yearly dues are $280.00

Board workshop meetings and HOA Home Owner meetings are posted on all bulletin boards in and around the clubhouse. The Board and committee members of the Home Owner’s Association are volunteers from the community. At an annual  homeowners meeting, the community elects candidates to any vacant Board seats. The Board appoints the chairs of the committees, as required.


**New Recreational Area Entry Card System Click Here for More Information


Sheriff Departments Street Parking Laws

Community Activities Website (NEW)
  • Connect with Neighbors and find out whats happening at Havasu Garden

Mohave County Sheriff's Information:
(*EMERGENCY CALL 9-1-1*)  (*Anonymous Report 928-854-8477)
Non-Emergency Dispatch:
(928) 753- 0753

Non-Emergency Lake Havasu City Sheriff Sub Station:
(928) 453- 0745

Mohave County Silent Witness for Anonymous Callers:
(928) 753-1234